Waiting On Stupid 's Other Albums

  • Melinda Miley
    Melinda Miley I appreciate auto grat. We have a standard 17% gratuity on every single check. It eases my stress knowing that no customers can rip me off. Plus they can add extra tip if they want to make it 20% or higher. Win-win.
    January 8
  • Bambi Culver
    Bambi Culver We get 21% on parties of 8 or more.   It is the best especially when the table is iffy for one reason or another.  I hate to prejudge tables but sometimes you just have to listen to your gut and slap that insurance on the check.
    January 9
  • Sandy Smith
    Sandy Smith I make the decision at the end of the meal. I decide if a roll of the dice is worth it. 10 outta 10 times I have not been wrong . 
    January 9
  • Elizabeth McBride
    Elizabeth McBride i wish we had them.  when a big party gives chump change as a tip, or leaves nothing on a $700, it is infuriating.
    January 10