Waiting On Stupid 's Other Albums

  • Michael Vegas
    Michael Vegas They will sell you out for 25% off. It's kind of like Yelpers. When you give people perceived empowerment, they think they are world-renowned reviewers or super cops that are going to keep an eye on you until they see you using your phone!
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  • Holly NOLA
    Holly NOLA Wooowww fukin really???
    September 14, 2018
  • David Waters
    David Waters As I read this I sit down at the bar with 2 tables and my boss looking at me from across the street haha
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  • Angel Mora
    Angel Mora i an guilty of being on my phone at work but I wait until imwe are slow and my side work has been done. I sat in the back room with a two way window so I could still watch the door but no customers could see me on my phone. I get yelled at for it meanwhile...  more
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