• Anjelina Bravo
    Anjelina Bravo I hate to over hear crap like this, becauae dude is clearly wanting his GF to say NO so he can feel like it is OK, their both assholes.
    August 12
  • A. SF
    A. SF Beware of the verbal tip!
    August 12
  • Stephanie Schoenradt
    Stephanie Schoenradt Yes and I just started this job so the note really did make a difference and made me feel good. I was more shocked then anything and knew other people would understand 
    August 12
  • K B
    K B Ohhh noo, no no no no. I can't pay my bills with compliments. And the note, regardless of intent just comes off as snarky or pretentious. 
    August 12 - 1 likes this