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  • Between June 12th and 15th, Nintendo will hold Animal Crossing's E3 Direct. Although the 1.10 update appeared a few months ago, it did not bring players the long-awaited content update. Players have been saddened by the lack of new events and activities in the game. This time they will focus all their attention on the upcoming E3 Direct. They hope that Nintendo will add more surprises to Animal Crossing: New Horizons during E3 2021. In fact, we should also deeply understand the importance of Animal Crossing Bells to players.

    The efficiency of players acquiring Bells in the game is far from enough, which prompted them to find a safe and reliable third-party game service provider, and MMOWTS is undoubtedly the best choice for players. Because they have won the attention of more users through fast delivery speed, players from all over the world Buy Animal Crossing Bells with them every day, which is the trust in the professionalism of their team. And, after registering as their member, if you continue to place orders and consume, you can also enjoy an additional discount of up to 5% when paying. It is worth mentioning that their services are always amazing and are widely praised by players!

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