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  • The leveling notion is dumb. Having different levels simply because of different"elemental orcs" in different zones is actually stupid. Then the degree does not feel meaningful at all, it is like not using a main level which you compare to others or other in contrast to your level. That's already a massive pleasure killer. And also the thing with all the equipment that enjoy"flame orcs" fall Fire gear that you can not use for"toxin orcs"... why. Just make a main degree from like 1-100 that takes months/YEARS to achieve and with regular gear for every level at which you can get like 1-5 different additional stats on it like fire resistance, posion resistance, +x% more damage against undead or whatever. And Torchlight Frontiers Gold that can get arbitrary maybe not straight all 5 extra stats on an iitem when dropping it but you can (!) Or just like 1-3 additional bonus stats because of lowlevel material or you could later just manually put them onto a specific piece of equipment with an item and then also switch them around how you like and desire (with an item that's difficult to get but also not p2w) That's how simply I want an mmorpg combined with a very long progression? .

    The idea possess behind the frontier system, together with progression, is the overall hatred for prismatic rainbow all of elemental resistance equipment. So each frontier will have 1 elemental damage type and physical harm. Thus the equipment has 1 defense vs the 1 element and bodily defense. You are able to swap equipment sets using the wardrobe system fairly easy, but right now its becoming fixed. Equipment wise there are global stars that you may use across all frontiers such as the magical uncover stats, and crit chance, greater max health and others. All weapon damage may serve too accross all frontiers now no monster resistances yet, just health spas. Useing the incorrect equipment set for the frontier is going to be scaled down lower than useing the right gear in the current zone.

    Unfortunately I did not receive my alpha test pass, so I am limited to what I could see in movies like this one and pretty much in all them people are complaining or at best not being convinced about that frontier flat system. Well here is the way I view it. Let us take World of Warcraft as an example you have multiple starting locations and as soon as you leveled up greater compared to place level pretty much all regions of the exact same degree are useless for you. For me it seems like in Torchlight Frontiers they do not need you to skip any areas they ready so it is more like several games in a single.

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