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  • After several days of fierce competition, one player became the champion of Madden NFL 20 club champion. Michael "volterax" Bryant won this year's title, won a lot of cash and kept his Madden champion belt proud. Here's more details about Kobe's win in California on Saturday.

    Volterax beat Madden NFL 20 club champion to beat 32 other competitors

    In the past few days, Redwood City, California, has been the host of the championship finals of Madden NFL 20. The online pool is $703000, the largest in the history of MCS in 2019. In addition, 32 competitors are striving for their own points to cope with future competition.

    Michael "woltrax" Kobe Bryant can win the championship this year on behalf of the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. He stood out from NFC West with a victory for Seattle's dcrroft. From there, volterax beat ztekingz and Nick hacko before beating schemin in the semi-finals.

    Volterax shows an impressive running game to win the Madden NFL 20 Club Championship and buy mut coins madden 20.

    Volterax will play against the Madden bowl 19 champion drini in Saturday's final. For drini, a competitive gamer, this is a record fifth Madden Championship Series final. For volterax, who was able to handle his old rivals in an impressive 28-13 win in the final, the challenge was not very high for him.

    Volterax maintained a weak 14-10 advantage at the end of the second quarter, but broke the situation at an amazing speed. Volterax reduced the clock to five seconds close to half-time, showed Chris Johnson some strange footwork, and finally surpassed drini's defender and scored an impressive sprint. That made half-time 21-10.

    In the third quarter, drini was in fourth and ninth place. He got a dangerous pass, but volterex's defenders were able to take it off. A few times later, he expanded his lead. In 2nd and 11th place, volterax found a wide open lane, allowing Johnson to take off and score a touchdown again, pushing him to a 28-10 lead.

    Obviously, running is an advantage for volterax, because his Arizona Cardinals guard Chris Johnson finished the game at a distance of more than 200 yards that day, thus winning a huge victory. After the game, drini tweeted congratulations to the new champion.

    Volterax MUT Coins points, cash, MCS belt

    As the winner of the competition, volterax won $100000. In addition, he also won 1000 MCS points, of course, there are Madden NFL 20 club championship belt. Here he proudly hoists the new belt for all the witnesses.

    Although volterax claims to be the champion, other competitors don't come back empty handed. Drini required $75000 and 800 MCS points to be second. Competitors in third and fourth place each earned $40000 and 700 MCS points. Up to the 128th place, the players got points and cash.

    Over the past two days, the Madden NFL 20 Club Championship has been shown live on various platforms including youtube, twitch and ESPN app. The next event on the competition agenda will be the Madden challenge, which will be held in Redwood City, California, on January 30 and February 1.

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