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The Difference Between Domestic And Commercial China Freezer by bai ling
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Basic Information:
  • The freezer is full of beautiful things in eyes, and all kinds of China freezer occupy the market. Merchants are not stingy with advertising, and freezer advertisements can be seen everywhere. So, for consumers in the advertising whirlpool, how can we see through the fake advertisements of merchants, see the essence of freezers, and choose freezers with cheap and beautiful things? In fact, the freezer is not "the more electricity is saved, the better". It is useless to save electricity without achieving the best fresh-keeping effect. Refrigeration will use electricity. The greater the refrigerating capacity, the greater the electricity consumption. In terms of electricity saving, it can be achieved by adding insulation layer and new technology to improve energy efficiency ratio. If it is not for the optimized structure and refrigeration design, the decrease in electricity consumption will inevitably lead to the decline of the refrigeration effect.

    At present, freezers in the domestic market are basically the same in the manufacturing process and quality performance, because the testing standards are similar. Only a few freezers for export will be tested to the most stringent standards in many countries. However, the factors that affect the price of freezers are often the soft costs of advertising and internal management. The freezing degree and emphasis of freezers are different, and the degree of domestic freezing is not high, usually at 2~8℃ and 0 ~ 2℃; Commercial freezers vary from-18℃ to-60℃ depending on demand. If you use commercial freezers as household freezers, excessive freezing power will increase electricity consumption and also destroy the internal organization and nutritional structure of the food. If you use a household freezer as a commercial freezer, the high frequency of door opening and closing and the cooling capacity that cannot keep up with it will deteriorate the contents of the freezer.

    So how do you see the freezer? We should start from three points: appearance, freshness and taste. Whether the external spraying layer is injured or uneven; Is it copper or iron inside and what brand of the compressor is it? The freezer door is closed with force, the sound is thick and of high quality, and the light sound indicates that the board is not good. If the above three levels are properly handled, the quality of the freezer will definitely not be inferior.

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