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  •    The top Shank Adapter For Top Hammer has high hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is known as "industrial teeth". It is used to cut high-hardness materials and is widely used in military industry, aerospace, machining, metallurgy, In the fields of petroleum drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction, etc., with the development of downstream industries, the market demand for hard top hammer handle adapters is increasing.
       In the future, the manufacture of high-tech weapons and equipment, the advancement of science and technology, and the rapid development of nuclear energy will greatly increase the demand for high-tech content and high-quality stability of the top hammer handle adapter. Test method for the hardness of the top hammer shank adapter: The hardness test of the hard top hammer shank adapter mainly uses the Rockwell hardness tester to test the HRA hardness value, which is suitable for testing the hardness of the hard top hammer shank adapter. The weight accuracy of the instrument is the same as the desktop Rockwell hardness tester, and it is very convenient to use and carry.
       The alloy is a metal, and the hardness test can reflect the difference in mechanical properties of the cemented carbide material under different chemical compositions, organizational structures and heat treatment process conditions. Therefore, the hardness test is widely used in the inspection of the performance of the cemented carbide and the supervision of the heat treatment process. Research on correctness and new materials. The hardness test of cemented carbide has strong adaptability to the shape and size of the test piece, and the test efficiency is high. In addition, there is a certain correspondence between the hardness of cemented carbide materials and other physical properties.
       The tensile test equipment of the top hammer shank adapter is huge, the operation is complicated, the sample is prepared, and the test efficiency is low. For many metal materials, there is a conversion table for the hardness test and the tensile test. Therefore, when testing the mechanical properties of cemented carbide materials, more and more people use hardness tests, and less use tensile tests. When measuring the hardness of cemented carbide with the adapter of top hammer shank, PHR series portable Rockwell hardness tester produced by Tianxing Company can test the cemented carbide workpiece with thickness or diameter under 50mm, and can test the cemented carbide workpiece with diameter as small as 2.0mm. Can test tubular carbide workpieces with inner diameter less than 30mm.
       The top hammer shank adapter can be used in production sites, sales sites or material warehouses. This instrument is used to test carbide workpieces easily, quickly, and non-destructively, and can perform piece-by-piece hardness testing on batches of finished or semi-finished cemented carbide workpieces. .

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