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The Struggles of Eating Out With Bae | CoupleThing
Posted by Michael Vegas
Posted September 25, 2019 | 0 favorites
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Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Eating out at a restaurant can be a struggle. Rude people, slow service, and tipping can be a pain in the but. But let Barbie teach you a little etiquette. When your girlfriend or boyfriend goes out to eat, have they learned these tips yet? CoupleThing Independent Work: This video is not intended to depict actual people, characters or entities or to suggest any association with or sponsorship by any person, company, or entity. It is intended for the purposes of entertainment and uses satire and parody. It depicts entirely fictional situations and characters, and is the product of our CoupleThing imagination, alone. Follow us on Instagram: For more dating fun, check us out on Facebook: Watch Barb and Ken do their thing:
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