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Cuts: Servers vs. Cooks
Posted by Hayden Heyking
Posted November 24, 2020 | 0 favorites
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A server nicks their finger on a bread knife, you better cover their section while they go to the E.R. But if a cook slices half their finger off, they super glue it and keep working. I've made too many videos giving away our secrets. Our lies, our little tricks. So now the customers are on to us. Sorry! Follow Me! Instagram: @drewtalbert TikTok: @drew_talbert Facebook: Here's the Lighting Kit I use: Here's the Rode Mic I use: I edit on Adobe Premiere and After Effects on the Adobe Creative Cloud My wife, Andrea, styled the lady characters! Follow her on Instagram @andreakelley Music Credit: End Music: "Tired of Waiting" by Hallman on Epidemic Sound
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