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Dear Bitchy Waiter, Episode 14
Posted by staffvibe *
Posted April 10 | 0 favorites
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This week's questions: 1. How do you be a better server when you're socially awkward and shy? 2. What do you do when the credit card tip doesn't total to what the customer added it up to be?
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  • Kellie B.
    Kellie B. nothing gets changed on their paper slip, they get charged with what is entered into the computer. if an issue arises, you always have that paper trail. are you in Canada or somewhere where they enter it direcyly into the computer?
    April 10
  • Brian D
    Brian D I am in Canada and we use to use the same system that the US uses about 15-20 years ago.  If you enter in a tip and it isn’t the same as the total on the slip, you are changing the total and that is illegal. Just because you haven’t had it come back...  more
    April 10
  • Kellie B.
    Kellie B. so, I've had tables total upwards of $50 what it should be. so you would keep the extra $50? that seems wrong to me...
    April 10 - 1 likes this
  • Brian D
    Brian D I go by whatever the total says.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.   It’s what you are suppose to do.   That being said, I always treated them as cash and would have asked the guest to correct it and initial.  
    April 10