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CITY SOUNDS: Busy Bar in the Evening/Night - 2 HOURS of Ambiance for Relaxation
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Posted March 22 | 0 favorites
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Support my work! Buy me a coffee: Perfect background ambiance, for relaxation, for meditation, for sleep. Ideal for home and office, bars, restaurants, clubs etc. Recorded with real asmr binaural microphones, and mixed for a flawless 2 hours playback. People sounds, crowd noise, drinking, revelers, party goers etc. Urban / Street / Nightclub, club, bar ambiance. Background music and happy people chatting on a weekend night. Subscribe here for new relaxation and sleep tracks every day!! Like our Facebook page! --------------------- Similar 2 Hour Natural Relaxation Videos: City Sounds at Night: 2 hrs - Rainfall in the City at Night: 2hrs - --------------------- city sounds,sleep sounds,bar sounds,busy bar,nightclub,in the evening,at night,people sounds,drinking sounds,people ambiance, crowd noise,urban night,night time,city at night,relax at night,night in the city,night city,night sounds,binaural,rain sounds,sounds for sleep,ambiance,for sleeping,for sleep,for yoga,for meditation,for relaxation,for massage,for spa,sounds sleep,2 hours ** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** All my content is ad free! However, please do support my work by 'buying me a coffee'! All donations help me purchase better equipment to make better recordings and keep things free!
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